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Adult Care Services in New York

We’re committed to going above and beyond to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations at every turn.

At Lean On Me Home Care, Inc., we understand the importance of creating a nurturing and supportive environment for those in need of care. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that you receive the highest quality of personalized care and attention right in the comfort of your own home.

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We offer a supportive hand to help you or your loved ones thrive in the place you call home.

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Home Care Companion

The Lean On Me Home Care Inc. team will support your loved one by assisting them with tasks like bathing and dressing. We abide by current guidelines to prevent the spread of flu and other contagious infections.

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Meal Preparation

Lean On Me Home Care Inc. staff is able to help your loved ones with meals by helping with cooking, shopping, and cleanup.

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Lean On Me Home Care Inc.’s companionship services remove loneliness from your loved one’s life. Our staff is very friendly, enthusiastic, and caring.

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Medication Reminders

Lean On Me Home Care Inc. hires a professional and organized staff to facilitate your loved one in remembering to take medication as advised.

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We Are Committed Our Goal

Our goal is to make your home a pure sanctuary where you feel safe, to make your days purposeful and filling just to your liking, and to provide you with an aid you can confide in, to make sure your needs are met, your environment is clean, no meals are missed, and a smile is present always.

Spend your days doing what makes you happy and whole, and leave all the responsibilities for us. We will take care of your appointments and timely medication intake, complete/accompany your daily errands, plan your extra-curricular activities, and go above and beyond in everything we do for you.

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Have a loved one who needs extra assistance?

Family and friends, we all have loved ones who require extra care and dedication that we yearn to provide, but keeping up with our daily responsibilities and providing the best care for them can become overwhelming and consuming. Lean On Me Home Care Inc. is here to lift that responsibility off your hands, provide your loved ones with genuine home care services in Mt. Vernon, New York, and undivided assistance, and make sure they feel safe and secure. If you or a loved one are looking for nurturing and professional assistance, contact us today.

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Our team is committed to providing exceptional care.

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